Zuca Explorer Mini Backpack – Blue



Considerate design is used in all ZUCA accessories! We’ve got stuff to protect your buns, your back and your bag. We can help keep your ride rolling smooth and always unique, and if there is an accessory you would like to see, be sure to let us know!

The Zuca explorer mini bag pack in blue plaid has been put been given specific attention to detail before being put together for your kids to enjoy with like cute matching fun shaped zippers in color coded strips around the zippers that complement their bag . Whether they wish to carry their books in it to school or to study at a friend’s house or maybe just go to spend the day with grandma at her house, the Zuca explorer mini backpack has been specifically designed with cushioned straps that rest very easily on their little shoulders without making them uncomfortable. They are padded with a beautiful mesh finish in colors that compliment the bag pack. The interior part of the bag pack is deep and can fit a reasonable amount of stuff in the bag pack while the exterior part of the bag pack has an additional compartment to store smaller items with ease. The fabric used on the Zuca explorer mini bag pack is rip free and very easy to maintain as it can be and washed very easily. Another great feature about this Zuca explorer mini bag pack is that it is resistant to water and extremely light in weight. Overall the Zuca explorer mini bag packs a fun bag that is suitable to be carried around both by girls as well as boys.