Reckless Vertex Quad Roller Derby Wheels (Set of 4) (Out of Stock)

Riedell Roller Skates


  • 32.5mm wide
  • 61mm tall
  • 24mm running surface
  • 103A durometer

    Vertex Wheels will take your skating to new heights. Our tallest, hardest wheel is designed to maintain motion and achieve maximum speed to hit new vertical heights. 


    It’s no secret you want a hard wheel for skating parks and ramps, but when you’re taking your skating to new heights, you need a wheel that will increase your velocity.

    The Vertex wheel is designed for big bowls and vert ramps to sustain energy and drive speed.


    “Skaters have a need for more speed and height and the Vertex wheel is the answer. Our signature edge shape and refined contact point ensure that you’re still able to slide and grind with ease. The CIB skate team has been loving these wheels.
    Carve, air, stall, slide, and grind higher than ever before!”