The problem of carrying heavy and hefty luggage was relevant at all times, but today it had acquired special urgency. The development of passenger trips in general and tourism in particular, the desire to make transportation of equipment for the professional activities in the most ergonomic way, and the educational system’s habit to load the students with not only knowledge but also a weighty set of books: all that made the idea to work more actively in this area. For many years, ZUCA Company is engaged in production and sale of special sports bags with wheels, which reduce the load on the spine.

History of the company
The creation of the first bag on wheels, which gave the first impetus to the development of such popular products, was the result of not striving to increase sales but the best of human emotions – a mother’s love and desire to care for the child. The company was founded by loving parents, Laura and Nick Yewdall. One day the couple learned that their daughter was ill with scoliosis. They wanted to do something to help the suffering girl and other children with the same problem. That’s how ZUCA bags have appeared.
Together with the products for schoolchildren were made products for athletes. This series of bags goes under the name ZUCA Sport. They are used to transport various sporting equipment. The stylish-looking bag helps to emphasize the individuality of its owner. ZUCA Sport products line is one of the best quality sports bags on wheels.

The main advantages
• The original design,
• durable and lightweight aluminum frame, for loads up to 150 kg,
• comfortable telescoping handle,
• silent double wheels, suppressing vibrations and glowing while driving,
• waterproof removable “liner” made of reinforced nylon,
• made in the USA.
All products by ZUCA Company are of high quality. The body of each bag is made of a solid frame. It is very light and weighs only 4.1 kg. The case is covered with the waterproof polyurethane, so you shall not worry about your things during rainy weather.
ZUCA Sport bag is able to hold a lot of things while being very compact. You can easily put all your sports equipment in the case. This bag for carrying sports shoes and form will not take up too much space in transportation and don’t hinder you as you move down the street.
Dual wheels system absorbs vibration when driving and allows you to move baggage quickly and comfortably. With a ZUCA bag, it’s easy to overcome steps and any bumps. Nylon-6, the material which covers the bag’s legs, protects them, especially when driving on gravel and sand. In addition, the bag will never scratch the parquet, laminate or tile.

ZUCA bag care
In a case of contamination the product, it can be quite easily washed. To do this, you just need to remove the cover from the aluminum case. Before washing, make sure to fasten all straps, zippers, and locks.
The bag set includes 2 pairs of wheels, they are ultra-light and luminous. You can buy an extra set of wheels and easily replace the existing ones.