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Italian company EDEA offers a distinct figure skating products for skilled ice skating. Using top quality materials and modern style, EDEA’s creator presented an initial product line to the world that meets the high requirements of expert sport.
Today EDEA ice skates and shoes are considered the very best ones for sophisticated skaters and high-level professional athletes. Products are perfect in each detail.
Good quality, design, and ergonomics of EDEA product lines today are recognized worldwide by knowledgeable specialists and novices, coaches, and athletes. Italian brand EDEA uses a huge selection of premium ice skates and a range of accessories to practice figure skating. Item of among the most popular and fastest growing firms are in great need due to the trendy initial style of the skate shoes, which have actually been made using only the most recent modern technologies completely compliance with global standards. This is the primary element of the growing worldwide success of the Italian label EDEA. read more


Worldwide of skating equipment, where everything appeared to be claimed and also done, a brand-new word has been spoken by Edea The popular Italian maestro of skating boots has actually shocked its fans with yet another work of art: EDEA PIANO. These newly developed skating boots represent a combination of appeal, efficiency as well as hi-tech going in line with the contemporary trend in sports equipment production.

Edea Piano are the boots developed with winning in mind. They are planned to be utilized by top-level skaters executing three-way and also quad leaps, in addition to, complicated mixes where pressure, rate, abilities as well as passion are a must. Edea Piano are formally the most highly advanced boots by Edea. The emphasis of the Piano developers was positioned on application of hi-tech products and also renovation of essential structural elements of the skates hence making it possible for the skater to reveal better efficiency. The adhering to brand-new attributes of Edea Piano allow for better force, speed as well as maneuver ability on the ice:
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