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Bag, Sport, Asphalt Gray


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A real all-around athlete, the patented design of the ZÜCA Sport calls for consideration. Agile. Sleek. Absurdly versatile. And with a light-weight, super-strong aluminum body and outsized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even faculty hallways and cracked sidewalks cannot sluggish its roll. Different candy options? A detachable hand washable bag. Wheels that flash. Tons of customized combos. And sure, a built-in seat. Prepared? Recreation on.

  • Premium water-proof 600D polyester
  • Hand Washable
  • Cannot be used alone, wants Zuca Body to make Zuca Sport
  • 10 Yr Producer Guarantee

Additional information

Weight 1.37 lbs
Dimensions 19.20 x 12.00 x 1.90 in