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The problem of carrying heavy and hefty luggage was relevant at all times, but today it had acquired special urgency. The development of passenger trips in general and tourism in particular, the desire to make transportation of equipment for the professional activities in the most ergonomic way, and the educational system’s habit to load the students with not only knowledge but also a weighty set of books: all that made the idea to work more actively in this area. For many years, ZUCA Company is engaged in production and sale of special sports bags with wheels, which reduce the load on the spine. read more

ZUCA is a fast-growing American business that has conquered a place of honor on the market of rolling bags considering that its center in 2004. And also suitably so! Zuca Bags attribute an exceptional mix of useful attributes along with exceptionally innovative styles. Currently exactly just how especially ZUCA designers and also designers had the capacity to produce a bag that practically everyone desires to have? Allow’s take a more detailed take a look at their formula for success:

ZUCA bags mean uniformity in addition to versatility in one impressive mix. All timeless ZUCA bags have an invariable plan: Mount + Insert + Instruments. Nonetheless each of these components is available in countless measurements, forms as well as layouts that makes ZUCA really feel and also look not only various still, unique. read more